Another memory for the treasure box of my heart

His legs are pumping back and forth, up and down. I watch as he moves his head from side to side, finding wonder in everything he sees. Chances are good that whatever he is looking at, it is the first or one of the first times he has seen it. Everything is new to him. The painting on the wall? Never seen that before. The salt and pepper shakers, who put those there?

treasure box (3)

Then he turns his head to one of the few things that is familiar in his world, he looks directly into my eyes and makes the noise. To an untrained ear, this noise is just another baby sound. Some might call it a coo, others might call it a sigh. Those who know nothing about babies, might even call it a cry. I know better, though. This is no ordinary sound, the noise coming from my newborn son, this is the sound for me. It is the noise that is specially reserved for those times he sees me, or hears my voice. Because I have become an expert in his noises, I’m sure it is a sound of delight. In case there is any doubt, the look in his eyes confirms it. His eyebrows go up and his eyes reflect a peace of knowing mama is near.

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We gaze at each other for a while, because while the rest of the family is asleep, it’s just the two of us. As his eyes pierce mine, it seems as if the rest of the world fades away. My heart feels like warm honey has been poured over it. His mouth might not be able to carry a smile yet, but it doesn’t matter, I see the smile in his eyes.

treasure box (2)

And just like that, the moment is over. He breaks eye contact, because when you are an infant, there’s only so much mama you can take. It was short, but I’ll wrap it up and add it to the millions of memories in the treasure box of my heart.

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What are some memories that you can store in your heart’s treasure box today?


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