Letters to my Loves

To my Second Love,

You are my second love and that’s exactly where you want to be. See, our Savior will always be my first Love and that’s what makes our marriage so wonderful. Thank you for encouraging me to be a better woman and spend more time with the Savior!


To my Little Munchkin,

We took you swimming the other day. You didn’t really enjoy it. I’m not sure what happened, last year you LOVED it. Here’s hoping that you will warm up to the idea. Screaming during the entire time at the pool is no one’s idea of fun. However, being your mama is! I love being your mama!


My Little Stud,

I think you are going to be a hunter, since lately, you have taken to chasing your food down. When you get hungry you ‘run’ crawl (crawling at the speed of light) toward me and then try to climb my legs to get to your food. All you have to do is ask. Still, it’s pretty cute when you come crawling after me.


My Big Stud,

You are an amazing husband. Thank you for making tea, helping with the laundry and other menial tasks. You constantly exceed my expectations and standards for what a husband should be. You are the epitome of a stud muffin!


Communication Toolbox: What I hear you saying

“Hey honey, are you going to wear that red dress tonight?”

As the wife comes around the corner, she reminds her husband of an angry bear, ready to pounce.

“Are you saying I look fat?”

You’ve probably heard that anecdote or one similar. How is it that two people can speak the same language and yet miss the mark so much?

husband says wife hears

My husband asks me what I did today. I hear, “While I went to work, you laid around the house eating bon bons. This place is a mess, the kids are cranky and what’s for dinner?” Really, he’s saying, “What did you do today?”

When I suggest my husband do something different with the kids, what he hears is, “I realize that you don’t really know what you’re doing, and since I do, you need to do it my way.”

communication toolbox

The tool for today’s communication toolbox is “What I hear you saying.”

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Thank you card from a toddler

Thank you notes from kids are hard. A thank you card from a toddler? Impossible! First, you have to get your kid to actually do them. If you pass that challenge, they have no idea what to say. Then, you want to make it seem personal without being tacky.

These notes solved all those dilemmas for me.

thank you card from toddler personalized

They are cute.

They are easy.

They are personalized so the grandparents (and whoever) love them.

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What NOT to buy at Costco

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Yesterday, I gave you a list of some of the best things to buy at Costco.

Today, I want to warn you by telling you what NOT to buy at Costco. Some of these things seem like a great deal, but compared to the grocery or drugstore, they aren’t.

What not to buy at Costco


1. The produce – It looks good. There’s a lot of it. What a deal, right? Nope. The produce that you find at Costco is just the same that you would find at the grocery, but usually more expensive. (Spinach is an exception for me, as I shared yesterday) Look at the price per pound in the corner of the Costco price tag, and you will see what I mean. Bananas for 52 cents a pound? We can get them here normally for 46 cents and on sale for as low as 33 cents.

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Best Things to Buy at Costco

I go to Costco a lot. I mean like, every week or so. 

Okay, how about this, I go to Costco so much that my husband and I are looking to move. However, it is prerequisite that a Costco must be nearby. How many people base their home buying decisions on Costco?

Top 10 Items to Buy at Costco

Have I convinced you that I know what I’m talking about yet? 

I am also great at saving money at the ‘regular’ stores. I went to Target last week and bought over $60 worth of product for $20 and received a $10 gift card. 

So, when I buy something at Costco, it is truly, truly because it is the BEST price. 

Here are some of my favorite buys at Costco:

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Friday Favorites

Welcome to Friday favorites, a time to share what has me gasping, laughing, drooling and crying this week.

Friday Favorites


Motherhood hasn’t changed much in 50 years. In case you think that you are doing everything differently, check out this beautiful post full of pictures of other mamas…minus a few decades.


Self control with little ones, it CAN be done. See how this teacher used ordinary things to teach little ones how to do the extraordinary.

Who else loved TGIF as a kid? Here are some little known facts about the shows and the actors in them. (Hint: That isn’t Bob Saget…)

If you like Les Miserables (which I TOTALLY didn’t, but many of my friends did), it is on sale for 4.99 for the DVD, at Amazon today.That’s a crazy price, since it’s normally like $20 or something.

WARNING: The video above might make you cry. I want an Erwin living next door to us. He is so precious!

Yellow & Blue Princess Dress-Up Set - Toddler & Girls

How ADORABLE are these outfits? Super cute AND they are on sale this weekend at Zulily. Check it out. (As in the dress above is $12.99!)

DIY felt board

Did you see my post on making a felt board? Now, I’m working on figuring out how to create Bible characters!

A blog planner giveaway

Don’t forget to enter this giveaway. Or if planners aren’t your thing, come back later, I have some AMAZING giveaways coming up!

What are you loving this week?

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Pros and Cons of Finding out baby’s gender

With our first baby, we did not find out the gender. We went into it totally oblivious. Which was exactly what I needed that time. I was so overwhelmed with the thought of being a mama, that it was nice to just not know the gender.


With our second, Benjamin, we found out he was a boy and that was exactly what I needed then. It was so helpful to have known in advance that I needed to buy a complete new wardrobe, since it would be a little weird to dress our little man in his sister’s clothes. (Although, some of them were yellows and greens and worked)

Since I have done both. I wanted to write a list of pros and cons in case you, or someone you know is trying to decide whether or not to find out.

pros and cons of finding out gender

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How to use an editorial calendar

Yesterday I convinced you that you need an editorial calendar.

Today, I want to help you figure out HOW to use an editorial calendar.

Editorial Calendar How do I use it

1. Write down everything. I mean it, write it all down. Who you need to email back, what is hot in bloggy world, ideas for a smashing post, etc.

2. Keep track of social media shares. Use your calendar to keep track of when you posted to Facebook. Make sure you aren’t over pinning on Pinterest. Plan your social media strategy well. blogplanner2

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Why you Need an Editorial Calendar

If you give someone an an idea…

…They’re going to need a a camera to take a picture of it

If you give a someone a camera…

…They’re going to need a computer to edit the picture.

If you give a someone a computer…

…They’re going to want to publish their idea on a blog.

If you give someone a blog…

….They’re going to need an editorial calendar


If you give someone (now a blogger) a calendar…

…They are going to have more ideas.

If you give a blogger ideas…

As a blogger, ideas come as feast or famine. Sometimes, I have more ideas than I know what to do with. Other times, it’s just crickets.

Editorial Calendar What is it

That, my beautiful friends, is why you need an editorial calendar.

Still not convinced?

Here are just a few more reasons why you need an editorial calendar:

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A DIY Felt Board for Children’s Room

When I was a little girl, I remember sitting in Sunday School and watching as Jesus fed the five thousand, Peter walked on water and Noah built the ark.

Granted, this was all happening with a few well chosen felt characters and a read aloud from my Sunday School teacher. However, to a child with imagination, those felt characters were alive right in front of me.

DIY felt board

It is memories of those felt boards which prompted me to figure out if I could make my own DIY felt board for my kiddos.

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