Happy 1 year Levi!

Levi turned a year old.

Levi birthday

No matter that this event happened over a month ago. Time just stands still when you have small children. Either that or it speeds up dramatically.

Our little squishy munchkin is now over a year old. His life has been a wonderful adventure. It wasn’t that long ago that I was sitting on the table, getting a sonogram and hearing the words that no parent ever wants to hear.

Levi birthday

A few months later, we saw the evidence of Beauregard and prayed for a miraculous healing.

Months later, God’s glory was made known. Not only through the healing of our little man, but also through the emails and stories we were blessed to hear from other parents who were walking the same road.

Levi birthday

We are so grateful that God has given us our little Levi. We are so grateful that God allowed us to go through our struggle so that his story could bless other families.

Now, he is a year old!

Levi birthday

Weight: 21 pounds

Teeth: two on the bottom

Walking: No, he doesn’t really seem to have any desire to, either. He walks with us, or walks with the help of a table, but doesn’t really want to do any on his own.

Levi birthday

Eating: Everything

Favorites: His little Lamb that the Angels gave him, Daddy, his pacifier and watching his siblings.

Hobbies: Watching his brother and sister play outside, snuggling, eating dirt, being carried around by Daddy, and exploring all the drawers and cabinets. He likes to climb and I have found him on the counters and today, he grabbed a strawberry off one of the shelves of the fridge.

Levi birthday

Words: He will say, “Mamama” or “Dadadada” when he sees us. He will also say, “Nananana” anytime he sees fruit. He is using his sign language for “More” “Please” “Milk” and “Airplane” he even used it to say, “Bird” the other day. I need to get better about teaching him more things.

I went back and looked at the one year post from Benjamin and Gracie. I can’t believe Benjamin had that much hair (and why didn’t I cut it!!?).

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