Four month old baby Levi

My Levi,


You turned four months old. It came and went without fanfare or much celebration, however, the cause for celebration is there every day. When I think of those months before you were born and the uncertainty of whether you would live and what kind of a life you would have, I am even more aware of our reasons to celebrate and rejoice in these four months with you.


It seems I have a new addiction in my life, and it’s snuggling with you. I love kissing your sweet face and making you smile. Yesterday, you were sitting in your swing while I was mopping. I was very focused on getting that floor cleaned that I went for a few minutes without even looking at you. The minute a took a break and glanced at you, it was as if the heavens opened up and the sun shone down. The smile on your face brightened up the whole room. After that, I couldn’t help myself, I just mopped the rest of the kitchen while looking at you and making faces. Every few seconds I would stop and do things to make you smile. It took me oodles longer, but it was the most fun I have ever had mopping. Oh what a delight it is to be your mama!


You are probably our giggliest baby. I have never known a baby to giggle as much as you do. I love hearing the sound of your little laugh. I look forward to the day that your laugh is mingled with the sound of laughter from Gracie and Benjamin while you all play together.

It is amazing the impact your life has had on others. I have heard stories from other mamas whose babies had cystic hygroma. Mamas who were told to abort their baby, but made the decision to keep their child. Did you know that God has used you to save lives? Oh little one, you will be mightily used by the Lord and I am so excited to watch Him work.


Thank you for all your smiles, snuggles, giggles and squeals. I love being your mama!


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