If you have a doubt about nesting

It is REAL.

See proof for yourself:





Did I convince you yet, or do you need more proof?

Yesterday, I went to work in the kitchen. I want to be prepared with food after the baby comes, so the hubby can just heat at go. And you know, when I say I went to work, I mean I went to WORK!

Five casseroles, some enchiladas and pasta dishes later…I tried my hand at painting and writing on canvas.There are many things a pregnant lady just can’t do, but those things won’t get me down!

This may or may not be hanging in the baby room now. 

I also had to try out this canvas print. I put it up in our bedroom as a daily reminder of how blessed I am.

And, in all this I might have been wearing this:

What? It gets hot in Texas. Besides, have YOU ever cooked in a bikini? It is SO comfortable!

Tomorrow – I will reveal the nursery! Oooh, get excited!

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  1. Angela Brackeen says:

    Hi, We became friends on facebook in the recent past. I’ve been meaning to say a personal ‘hello’! You are in our N. Alabama Writer’s Group, and so we have one or more mutual friends … I just want to say I wish you the best of luck with your baby/birth! Enjoy these wonderful, wonderful days — through it all, the tears, hormones, everything — they are the best! Angela Brackeen

  2. Susan says:

    I am excited about the nursery! I had a sneak peek already. How about recipes for those freezer meals….in your spare time. 😉

  3. The Moseleys says:

    Hmm…don’t you want to wait for the recipes until they are tasted? We shall see if they turned out good, or if the freezer burns it. Who knows, you might get the fruit of my labor when you come.

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