Freezer Organization

 My freezer has been awful. I mean, AWFUL. See for yourself.

There’s chicken in my smoothie mixins and nuts all over. (Translation: That’s no bueno.)

The first thing I did was collect bins. I knew I needed SOMETHING to organize my freezer goodies. These bins were left over from my teaching days and, oh so handy.

I labeled the bins according to what was in there. (Does that remind anyone else of the dog video on youtube?)

I also threw away a few things. If I can’t recognize it, it’s going in the trash.

 If you like smoothies, I HIGHLY recommend doing this. Put your goodies – yogurt, milk, whatever – in ice cub trays and freeze. Then you will have just the right portion for smoothies. I also buy fruit when it is on sale and freeze it just for the purpose of getting smoothies. I went to the store yesterday and bananas were on sale for 29 cents a pound. STEAL! Freeze them for smoothies!

 Also, if you buy nuts in bulk, you really should freeze them. Here is a good link, if you want to know why. Also, I buy whole wheat flour in bulk. That is important to freeze too. Here is why. 

Overall, the freezer turned out so nice. I love it! I have to fight the temptation to open it up and look at it every time I pass by. (And honestly, I have done that too much…frost is building up again. WHOOPS!)

Now…I just need to tackle the fridge…

Here is that video I was talking about. It’s a favorite in our house.


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  1. Joanna says:

    great idea! I live in an apartment with two other girls and our freezer is only the kind that is above the room. haha you open it and thee is a brick of food!

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