Pumpkin Patch

Remember the fall bucket list? How are you doing on your bucket list?

Last week, we went to the pumpkin patch. It was…not as we had expected. 

We paid $6.50 per person. We got to see a few stalks of corn, some farm animals and play with rubber duckies. 

Okay, I’m being dramatic, it wasn’t THAT bad. We made it a great time! 

I found my perfect pumpkin and God gave me another perfect pumpkin! 

Gracie, grandma and gourds!
Rubber Ducky Race 
Getting lost in the corn maze
Gracie was NOT into scarecrows
 Our little princess
 Playing in the corn
How do we get out of the hay maze? 
 Gracie’s first blow up toy
 Our happy family

Wait a minute…
Let’s zoom up there.
Oh, I mean our mostly-happy-family! 


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