Christmas Decorations

 Won’t you link up with us during the 12 Days of Christmas?  

  • 12/17   Christmas Gifts: ideas on gifts for spouses or kids
  • 12/18   Christmas Giving: how we’re going to give back
  • 12/19   Christmas Scripture:  regular ITWW post, holiday-inspired
  • 12/20   Christmas Tree:  picture-only post of tree & ornaments
  • 12/21   Christmas Song: favorite holiday song and why
  • 12/22   Christmas Creations: last minute Pinterest-inspired gifts
  • 12/23   Christmas Future: new tradition to put into place next year
  • 12/24   Christmas Eve: favorite traditions, routines, or plans
  • 12/25   Christmas Meaning: what Christmas means to us
If you have a post you did last year or earlier in the month feel free to include it! 
Now, grab a super cute button and try to plan on a post or two.  We’d love to hear from you and how you celebrate. 

12 Days of Christmas 2012

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