Stay at Home Mom Schedule

“So…what do you do all day?”

Okay mamas (and papas), raise your hand if you have ever heard this. Raise your hand and STOMP your feet in protest if you have ever had this said to you!

Being a stay at home mama isn’t easy. I want to respond to this question, “What DON’T I do all day??”

It seems like I work and work all day long to take care of kids, laundry, chores, food, shopping, etc. At the end of the day, the house looks just as messy as it did in the beginning. Different messy…but still messy.

Please tell me I am not alone in this!!

Stay at Home Mom schedule
This year, in an effort to get this crazy job under control, I am making it my GOAL to create a routine and stick to it.
Below is my current routine.

Stay at Home Mom Schedule


Also, this printable daily to do list has been incredibly helpful in keeping me focused during my day. It includes everything I need to stay on track!


And here are some toddler activity ideas for summer, or any time of year!
In case you needed some more sanity in your day, check out:

stay sane as a stay at home mom


Β Are you a stay at home mom? Do you have a schedule?

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  1. Pamela says:

    This is wonderful Becky! I dont have a schedule, I need to write it down and make it plan (as the word says)! My day starts at 5am thanks for this, because I will be doing this!

  2. Marci Smith says:

    I, too, so appreciate a schedule. I walk around like a chicken with my head off if I don’t have one. I recently came across a cleaning schedule on Pinterest. I told my husband yesterday that I am in love with the schedule. He looked at me like I needed help!! Hey, he knew I was a freak when he married me!! πŸ˜‰

  3. Shannon @Imperfectly Perfect Grace says:

    Thank you for sharing with us. I’m very much a perfectionist so in the past I would go on cleaning rampages and wouldn’t rest until my house was perfect. I’ve realized this isn’t practical, at least for me and our family. Those quotes I see moms post about “excuse the mess, but our family is making memories” now ring in my heart more. What I’ve done is like you make a schedule of daily to do’s that are reasonable.Our house is picked up each day, and then I choose which day I’ll each of the biggies like full kitchen and bathroom detail. This routine has given me peace to know that all my chores will get done and I can focus on other things without worrying about getting my to do’s done πŸ™‚

    • Becky Moseley says:

      Thank you for sharing your heart, I love that. Having a schedule seems like it would take time away from family, but it is amazing how much more time I have with family now that I’ve started a routine.

  4. Sue Hull says:

    I have no schedule but I also don’t have a baby or child living at home.My daughter moved out 6 yrs ago.Due to major back issues I don’t work anymore.I’m limited as to what I can do b/c of pain.I do what cleaning I can do.My daughter does most of the cleaning which I’m thankful for.I enter giveaways every night.I watch alittle tv,listen to contemporary Christian music while I enter giveaways.I go to walmart and grocery shopping every 2 wks.I go to starbuck once a wk.I go to my mom’s & sister’s house who live down the street.I’m so blessed to have my mom,daughter,sisters & neices live so close.I go to the marina to read and relax.I have to get out of the house once a wk or I go stir crazy.My life isn’t organized,scheduled or exciting but I like it.Jesus is my Lord & Savior and that’s what makes my life great πŸ™‚

  5. Susan Volavka says:

    That’s all very nice but I didn’t notice mom shower! And any advice for how to do it with a two month old who is not yet in a schedule and doesn’t take long naps????

  6. Susan Volavka says:

    That’s all very nice but I didn’t notice mom shower! And any advice for how to do it with a two month old who is not yet in a schedule and doesn’t take long naps????

  7. Kristen says:

    Each hour of my day is given a category…..doesn’t have to take the whole hour, but at least gives me an idea of what I should do.
    Get up, kids fed/dressed.
    Shower/get myself ready.
    Preschool learning stuff for toddler.
    Religious study (for me it is the Book of Mormon and General Conference addresses).
    Songs and stories for my kids.
    Kids nap (2 hours) while I nap, craft in peace, Facebook, blog, scrapbook, etc.
    Kid and mommy play time!!!! Help with puzzles, paint, mommy supervised things.
    Clean up!!!
    Family time.
    Kids bed time.
    Me time and couple time.

    • Beauty for ashes says:

      Maggie, you make me smile! I am so glad you like the schedule. I realize now, I should probably adjust it to the ages they are at currently!

  8. Marlia says:

    This post is soo me! I was too a teacher and now a stay at mom. Finding/creating/sticking to a schedule has been the hardest part for me as a new SAM.

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