#11 Keep in touch with family

It is hard living so far away from family. My parents live in the Pacific Northwest. There’s a lot of distance and a whole lot of rain between us and them.

This year, I want to strive to talk to my parents at least once a week on video chat. Sometimes, my mom and I talk more than that, because I like her.

And sometimes, because I need a babysitter.

As you can see, Gracie really enjoys talking to her Mimi.
She likes showing Mimi her awesome flying skills
She gets frustrated because she wants to touch Mimi and she just can’t.
Sometimes she accidentally drops Mimi and can’t see her anymore. Sometimes she accidentally hangs up on Mimi.
Here’s to many video chat sessions with Mimi and Pappy, and prayers that they move to the South before she grows up! 

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  1. Taara says:

    I Skype with my parents (Brazil – Canada) at least once a week, and it’s so great for keeping the kids in touch with their grandparents (and I miss my mom too sometimes!)

    • Becky Moseley says:

      Brazil – Canada is WAY more distance than we have. I should be grateful! I praise the Lord for some of this new technology, which makes it seem like we are in the same room!

  2. Bruce Jackson says:

    I think you misunderstood Gracie in the pic above, she’s not talking about flying, she’s just describing the size of the fish she plans to catch when she goes fishing with her pappy

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