#11 Plant a vegetable garden

 I would like to be better about having a vegetable garden this year. I would like my garden to be more organized. I have my mom to thank for my green thumb. You can see her garden blog here, if you want!

Nothing is more exciting to a gardener than to see little sprouts and then again to see the first sign of fruit or veggies growing. 

I have learned in the past few years of gardening, how important it is to keep care of my garden so that it does not turn into a forest. 

See my mini forest of cilantro:  

And my tomato bushes (careful, you might need to bring your machete).

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  1. Lindsey Domer says:

    Lovely. 🙂 I would LOVE to have a veggie garden but unfortunately, I don’t have a green thumb.

    Newest follower from the GYB Hop! Would love for you to follow back at toddlindsey.com

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