How to clean a glass stovetop

I have recently found out that some of the chemicals that I use to clean my house have solvents and such that will stimulate the cancer that runs in my family.

Some of you will read that and think, “Well, duh”, others will read that and reevaluate their cleaning regime.


Either way, I have good news for you today. There is a way that you can clean your glass stove top without using any chemicals. Not only that, but I’m pretty sure you already have what you need in your pantry.

You are going to need some baking soda.

And a rag.

And some water.

That’s it.

Take the baking soda and put it directly on the stove top. Then, wet the rag and use it to mix the baking powder on the dirty stove top.

Wipe away the dirt, grime, and last week’s dinner.

The End. Happy Scrubbing!
Super quick and easy. Go… do it now. Your stove top will thank you. 
That leaves more time for you to do what you want to do. 
Such as read. 
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