Organize your measuring cups

My measuring cups were going insane in this drawer. 

And this drawer was making me insane. 

 I went to bed wondering how I could fix this drawer and make it more organized. 

I dreamed about somehow hanging my utensils on the cabinets. That way they used empty space, instead of space that was needed for other things. 

I told my husband about my dream, and how I wanted to somehow nail or screw something for these measuring cups to hang on. He gave me that look, you know, the one that says I’m cute but have no idea what I’m talking about. (Do you ever get that look?) He then gave me a better idea. Command hooks with pull tabs!

I labeled them and then put the hooks up

 The directions said to wait an hour to hang things on them, but I was too excited!

Oh I forgot to mention something pretty important. You are going to want to measure your measuring cups/spoons to make sure you have enough room to put them up. I didn’t want my cup measure to hang down and prevent this cabinet from closing. 

See the final product? I am SO in love with how it turned out! Super easy, and quick, and oh! what a transformation!

Now I can use the drawer for my cooking utensils:

You know the best part about all this? It took me only five minutes. 

Is there an area of your house you have been wanting to tackle, but feel overwhelmed? 

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  1. Bernadette Veenstra says:

    Isn’t it true how the most overwhelming tasks facing us, usually only take a little time once we set our minds to them?! I hate doing taxes, but I usually can get my tax prep done in less than 3 hours. The way I complain about it, you’d think it takes me a solid 3 DAYS. Oh well.=) Bite the bullet and just do it!

  2. Beckey says:

    Genius!! I want to run out and get some hooks RIGHT NOW! LOL Seriously, this is so happening in my kitchen – soon! I’m putting off tackling the home office/craft/guest room. It wasn’t in great shape to start, and since we remodeled the living room all the stuff that has no home now is piled in there. It’s a mess…

  3. Dara says:

    that’s great! I have my measuring spoons and cups hanging from the same type of hooks, but I have them all together, like the spoons are all attached by a circle thingy and that hangs from the hook, same with the cups on the other one!

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