Stupendous Strawberry Sauce

Last week strawberries were on sale.
Strawberry sauce
So, in line with my frugality (is that even a word?), I bought a bunch of them.
Then I had a bunch of strawberries sitting in my fridge. Moldy strawberries bring shame to my frugal side.
So I needed to do something with them. Often, in the summer, I will just freeze them for quick smoothies. But it is so cold, I can’t even think about smoothies.
So I made some yummy strawberry sauce.
I LOVE waffles with strawberry sauce on them. They are quick, and easy, and oh so good!
First, wash your berries and take the stems off. Stems in strawberry sauce = not so good.
Then put them in your pot with a little bit of water.
Let them cook; they will shrink in size before your very eyes. (was that a haiku?)
Then add the sugar. Some people might prefer adding honey. I just added that good ol’ white stuff.
Let them mix in and soak up some of that sweetness.
Take them off the burner and let them cool a bit.
You can use it just like that, or you could blend up the mixture to make the strawberries smaller and more syrupy like. Your choice. I like strawberry clumps, myself.
Happy waffling!
Stupendous strawberry syrup
1 pint strawberries
1/3 cup sugar
2 Tablespoons of water

Clean and de-stem the strawberries. Cut them into smaller pieces. Put the berries and the water in a pot over high heat (until the water boils) turn the temperature down to low. Let them simmer for ten minutes. Add the sugar and stir. Let simmer for five more minutes. Take the mixture off the burner and blend.

What is your favorite topping for waffles?

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