My Birthday Book

I have been blessed beyond measure with my husband. 
He is an incredible man. 
The reason I am saying that now (cause the reasons change daily), is because of how he celebrated my 30th birthday.

First off, my husband knows me well enough to know that I like birthdays. I like to make them special. I like them to be special for me. I wish I could say I grew out of the birthday stage, but…I haven’t. 
Second, he knows me well enough to know what would bring my heart great delight.

For my birthday, Greg contacted all my friends that he could find info for. Facebook friends, email friends, texting friends, etc. He told them it was my birthday and he wanted to make a book full of letters. 

So over the course of a month, my friends and family started sending in letters. Wonderful letters, beautiful letters. Each and every one touched my heart. I laughed. I cried.

This birthday book was the best thing he could have given me. As I read through it (again and again), I laughed, I cried, I grew reflective and something even more fantastic happened. 
I realized what an impact my life has made on others. 
I got letters from previous students…


From my parents…


Even my little daughter did a letter!


I am such a mess, a broken vessel. 
Yet, God has used me to touch the lives of others. 

So thank you, husband. Not only for the fantastic birthday gift, but for the reminder that God isn’t through with me yet. 

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