Our growing garden

As you know, if you follow along, I started a garden a few months ago. 
Here are all our growing things: 

 Cilantro forest, it’s kinda ridiculous.

 Mint in abundance

 Spinach (Popeye would be proud)

 Kale, what do I do with this??

 Corn – hey, it’s a Texas thing!

 Basil, oh I can taste the pesto, now!

 Marigolds, tomatoes, squash variety, Sasquatch

Onions, I have no idea when they are ready to pick.

 Baby. My favorite! 

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  1. Bernadette Veenstra says:

    Make a potato soup like Olive Garden’s and pop the kale in. It is what they use. Best way to eat kale.=) I love herbs. My chives got a haircut yesterday, my oregano is going strong and my thyme is making a showing. I will put in basil, parsley and cilantro soon.

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