How to keep your strawberries fresh longer

I love summer.

Most people will tell you they enjoy the sunshine, the pool parties, the BBQs. 

I enjoy summer because of the fruit. 

I can eat fruit for every meal and not get tired of it. It is my favorite food. 

Strawberries are my current favorite. I eat them fresh, I put them in smoothies, I use them to make stupendous strawberry sauce. 

I want to let you in on some strawberry secrets I have learned along my obsessive strawberry path. 

First, you need to clean these guys. 

This nasty water should convince you that you should always wash your produce!

I use mostly water with about 1/3 cup of vinegar, let them soak for a few minutes and then wash them off. Now, they are ready to eat and enjoy!

I often buy strawberries on sale, and thus, get multiple cartons. I have been known to leave the store with four or five cartons of these lovely fruits. 

The problem is, if I get home and forget about them (which I have done) some will get old, mold and infect the rest of the berries with nasty fur. YUCK! 

After bathing the berries, I put them in different containers depending on their stage of ripeness. 

You can do this, even if you have one batch of berries. 

I look for the berries that are ripe and ready to be eaten. They are dark red, some might even have some soft spots on them. Those go in one container.

Then, I look for those not-so-ripe berries, you can tell because they still have some yellow or green on them. Those go into another container. 

The ripe, red berries go in the front and easy accessible place in the fridge, the others can go in the back. Make sure you put these in a container where they are not wet and have some room to breathe. I usually leave them in the plastic container they came in. 

I hope this helps you keep your berries longer. If it doesn’t, then make jam, or lemonade, or strawberry sauce, or…

What are some things you do with your old strawberries (ie: past their prime)?
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