Let’s have a date…

If we were to sit down and have coffee, well, if we have ever done this before then you know I wouldn’t be getting coffee.

I would probably just drink water. Lately, I have wanted an Arnold Palmer (preferably from McAlisters), but I don’t want our little babe to get all hyped up from the caffeine. So, you would order your delicious drink and I would sit with my water. 

I would ask how you’ve been. You would probably return the question.

Lately, I’ve been craving something. I know that isn’t too crazy for a pregnant woman to do. But, it is a little abnormal that I am not craving food. I am craving something else. I have such a longing for mountains. Summer time was always my favorite time of year in the Pacific Northwest and Montana. Here in Texas…not so much. 

I might tell you that pneumonia is a pain in the booty. But I am so grateful to be getting over it, and even more grateful that my little one didn’t get it. 

I would look at you with a gleam in my eyes, and tell you that a year ago, that little one was born. Gracie is turning one year old this week, and I am so glad. I am ready to be out of the infant stage. I know that some mommies cry at this milestone, but I welcome it with open arms. Besides, I don’t have much time to miss having an infant around, another one will be joining us in November. 

I might even invite you to Gracie’s birthday party this week. I am planning a firework theme. Because, that is what she is. My little firework. 

So, to YOU, my friend reading this. I will ask the original question; how have you been? How are you doing?
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  1. Vashti Q-Vega says:

    I’m doing great Becky! I can see you’re doing well yourself. Happy birthday to your adorable Gracie. I’m following you via GFC and twitter (@VashtiQV).

  2. Gail @ http://biblelovenotes.com says:

    Sounds like a time of anticipation for you and your family. What a sweet little Grace. I have a little Grace too, but she’s my granddaughter. I’ve been through those sweet stages you are now in, and ask God’s blessings on you.

  3. Hazel Moon says:

    Happy Birthday to Gracie and Blessings on you and your family. Thanks for the coffee, as I will have a cup or two then drink water the rest of the day. I am having cataract surgery tomorrow and I must not eat arter midnight and only a sip of coffee tomorrow, then water until eleven and nothing after that. They tell me it will be easy and I will be able to see better after this. Thank you for sharing at Tell me a Story and do return as the new entries will be open Monday evening around 5:00 PM.

  4. Mamal Diane says:

    Thanks for joining us this week at The Lets Get Social Sunday linky party. I host a party on Tuesday called The gathering Spot and would love it if you’d share something sometime. Have a wonderful week 🙂 Diane @MamalDiane

  5. Jen B says:

    She is adorable! Happy Birthday Gracie! And congrats on #2. My two are 19 months apart- the youngest is 3 months. Fun times lay ahead 🙂

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