Snakes in the garden

We have a bunch of bunnies all over our yard. Yesterday, when Greg was in the kitchen, one was looking at him just outside the window.
So, it was no surprise last night when I looked out the window and saw a little bunny. It wasn’t a baby bunny, more like a teenager. I said, “Aw, honey, look at the cute bunny burrowed in the grass.”
That bunny must have sensed my presence, because it scurried around the fence and out of sight.
That is when I realized that bunnies don’t have long skinny tails.
“Maybe that’s the rat that’s been living in the garden.” My husband suggested.
This came just twenty four hours after he told me about the snake he saw slithering around my flower bed.
So, if you ever come over, don’t be surprised if my garden looks like this.
And don’t judge. If you judge the weeds, you will be forced to pull them. With the rats. And the snakes. And the wasp invasion. But, I haven’t told you about that one…

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