Summer Mantle – Beach theme

I love the beach. 
There is just something about sitting a watching the waves roll in and out that makes me contemplate my destiny. 
That…and I really like the feel of my toes in the sand!

Unfortunately, I live like a billion miles from the beach (or so it seems). So for my summertime mantle, I decided to bring the beach to me. 
Using artifacts that I have collected from the beaches I’ve been to, I created a beachful smorgasborg. 
That’s one of my favorite pictures, I’m with some dear sweet friends, on a beach somewhere in Europe. 

I have been collecting sand and different beaches I’ve been to, putting them in pretty bottles and writing the location on the outside. It is such a fun way to remember the beaches I have enjoyed!

Do you have plans to visit the beach this summer? 

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  1. Beckey says:

    Cute, cute, cute! I’ve been thinking about putting a bunch of shells we’ve collected on different vacations in a hurricane glass on the mantle. We’re doing the lake thing instead of the beach this year.

  2. Ann K says:

    Sweet mantle, Becky! I live in a lake cottage, but LOVE the ocean, too! And I also collect shells, among other beachy collectables. I actually just posted (June 8) about decorating my sun porch in some beachy decor on my blog, “Cairn Cottage” (
    I actually linked up at the “Into the Word” Blog Hop with my other blog, “Christ in the Clouds” ( I couldn’t pass up commenting here, though, as I also noticed you love tea and photography, some of my faves, too!

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