Upcycled sandbox!

The other night, Greg and I took a drive on the wild side.

Taken with iPhone, hence the grainy pictureness

We had seen this forlorn, discarded plastic pool for a few weeks. One evening, on our way home from church, I was talking with Greg about how I wanted to get a little kiddie pool for Gracie. 

Then, we passed the forlorn, discarded pool. It just seemed to call to us. Or at least to Greg, because the next thing I knew, we were packing in the truck to go get it. 

Two days later (and quite a lot of duct tape for the big holes), Gracie has a fun sandbox to play in while we are gardening. 

We put a little bit of water at the bottom of the pool to keep her cool, then she goes crazy playing with her toys in the sandbox. 

And Mommy and Daddy get to work in the garden! 

Win for everyone!

Have you ever ‘recycled’ something that was once someone else’s trash?
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