A Simple Cleaning Schedule

Admittedly, I am not the best house keeper. 

In my single dreams, I was amazing. I realize that is because, it is pretty easy to keep a house clean when there is only one person living there.

Add in a husband and a toddler…it isn’t so easy anymore. 

The awful state of our house after our last vacation

I have felt so defeated at the end of the day, when I look around and the house looks just as bad or worse than it did that morning. I wonder, “What did I do all day?”

A good friend gave me wisdom in this, she told me that when you live in the house all day long, of course it is going to get messier as the day progresses. Leaving you with a bigger mess at the end of the day. That made me feel better.

Still, I struggled with finding a routine. Well, one great big nesting spurt and I think my woes are over. Here is the cleaning schedule I use. It may work for you, it may not. If nothing else, it can give you some ideas to use. I have to do laundry every day since I cloth diaper my little bit. You might only need to do it once or twice a week. 

I can just tell you that since I have started this, my house has looked more like a home and less like a disaster area!

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  1. Taara says:

    That looks like a great and very extensive plan! I used to take one day a week to clean the whole house, but now that I have babies again things have to be planned in short bursts (aka while the babies nap!)

  2. Samara says:

    I saw something like this on Pinterest the other day and think it is a great idea for when you have a family. While I have more time at the moment (having no kids and all, I have found even something as simple as bringing routine to when I do my dishes (every morning before work) and my washing (every weekend) makes a huge difference. Glad to hear you have found something that helps you 🙂

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