What they don’t tell you to expect when expecting

I have read books on what to expect during a pregnancy. 

I have gotten advice from moms of all ages.

However – there are many things I still didn’t expect. So here is my own list of what to expect if you are pregnant.

what to expect when expecting

Warning: These things may scare you…
Second warning: If you are a man, or never want to get pregnant, you probably shouldn’t read these.

1.  You will pee yourself. Don’t be surprised. It will happen. I can’t tell you when, I just know it will. It may happen when you are in the grocery store. Suddenly, you let out a sneeze and got more than you bargained for. It may happen when you are laughing with friends. Just, get ready.

2. You can always get bigger. There will come a point in your pregnancy when you will feel like you can’t get any bigger. Well, you can…and you will. 

3. Your boobs will change. They may shrink (doubtful), they will most likely grow, they may change shape. You may look at your boobs in nine months and think…what are THOSE? They may look completely different than the perky little things you had before pregnancy. I can pretty much guarantee you one thing; they will NEVER be the same.

4. Tying you shoes will become an art form. No longer will you be able to bring your knees up and tie your shoes like you normally do. You will have to learn how to put your shoes on from the side…or get velcro shoes.  

5. You will learn to be unashamed about using the handicapped bathroom. Admittedly, it hasn’t happened yet with this pregnancy, but with my first, I got stuck. I was using the same bathroom stalls I normally did, when one day I realized, a little too late, that I didn’t fit. I tried opening the door to get out and my belly was in the way. It took all kinds of maneuvers and aerobics to get myself out of that small space. After that, I have no hesitation about using the handicapped stall.

6. You can’t suck it in anymore. You would think I would learn, but many times with my first and already multiple times with my second, I have been reminded that this belly doesn’t go in if I hold my breath. Case in point; I was at a wedding shower. One of the girls helping came through with a huge gift (ended up being a vacuum), I stayed in my spot thinking “Oh, she can get around me, I’m pretty small.” It wasn’t until she and the vacuum were up against my body that I realized, not only am I NOT small…but I can’t even suck my belly in to make myself seem small. Another example is when you are at church, the movie theater, or any other cramped space where people are sitting down. I think of myself with the body I have had most of my life and assume I can get down the aisle no problem. In horror, I have to watch my belly whack every head in the row in front of me.  

One thing they DO tell you: You know how everyone says that it will all be worth it?

It will!

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  1. Yaumara Lindo says:

    Becky, this is such a great post. Initially I thought I may only agree with some of your list. However, you were right on point with everything here. This list brought some funny & not so funny memories. I totally got stuck in the bathroom stall once and everything else happened as well. But it is all worth it and we usually do it all over again. Thanks for the smile 🙂

    • Becky Moseley says:

      Thank you! It is so funny, because there are things on this list that happened with Gracie and I had totally forgotten…until now. Now that I am doing this pregnancy thing all over again, I remember.

  2. Kelly Urban says:

    I’ve got 4 weeks left to go and just when I think I’ve got enough tops to get me through, I outgrow them again. I’ve taken to wearing my husbands around the house.

  3. Hannah @Supermommy!...Or Not. says:

    Love this and it’s all true! I peed myself for the first time while pregnant with my second baby. I was at my friend’s house babysitting and threw up violently, just like I did every morning. Except…this time I hadn’t been as careful as I normally was to make sure I used the bathroom right before I knew I’d be throwing up. The most embarrassing phone call I’ve ever had to make was when I called my mom to beg her to go to my house and get me a new pair of pants and underwear because I had peed my pants.

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