Green Smoothies

Do you have a fear of green smoothies?

The other day, my mom came over and I offered her some of my green smoothie. She didn’t want any. 

I told her she had to just try a little. 

Then, I made the mistake of letting her see what all I put in my smoothie. 

A mango (pretty harmless)

An orange or pineapple (or both, if I’m feeling fiesty)

A whole apple, halved (this might be where I started to loose her. I didn’t peel, core or destem it. That is where all the good nutrients are!)

Some spinach (come on, this was expected. It is, after all, a green smoothie)

A carrot 

A little bit of yellow squash

Sometimes, I put in yogurt to make it creamier. 

Now, when my husband is home, I add some honey. He’s so sweet, he likes to have things that are as sweet as him. When he isn’t home, I leave that out. It really doens’t need any more sweetness for me. 

Blend away!

You can mix and match and add different things if you like. You can check out my pinterest page for some more smoothie ideas!

Oh, and my mom? She tasted it, said it was good, but was still too freaked out by the “green” smoothie to drink a whole serving. 

Okay, this smoothie isn’t exactly green, but that is because I put only a little spinach compared to the mango and pineapple.

I have had a green smoothie every day since I got my new blender, and I have noticed an increase in my energy level AND I have lost 8 pounds. That is saying a LOT when you are up at night with a colicky baby! Why don’t you try some green smoothies for a week or so and see how different your body feels? If the green color gets to you, then put it in a colored glass and use a straw, you won’t know the difference. 

This is also a GREAT way to get your kids (and husband) to eat their veggies!
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  1. Kara says:

    I was just talking to a friend at work yesterday about his green smoothies. I really do want to start trying them and see what I think!

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