What to do with wipes containers

 I spend a lot of time during my day wiping bottoms. This means a few things:

1. I am intimately acquainted with my children’s little bootys.
2. I can fix a diaper rash in no time.
3. We have a LOT of empty wipes containers. 

This led me to ask a very important question…

recycle baby wipe lidsAfter much thought, some research and a little planning, I came up with this idea. 

 Most of the wipes we use come in a plastic bag-like container, so I just cut off the top part, as you can see.

 Then, I glued it to a piece of thick cardboard with pictures of people in our lives.

Gracie has been enjoying opening and closing the tops. It has been a delight to hear her little voice as she exclaims the name of each person.


“Greasy!” (That is what she calls herself. I know one day that will not be a favorable name, but right now, it is adorable!)
keep your toddler busy

What do you do with your used wipes containers?

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