Ways to save some GREEN!

In light of St. Paddy’s Day, I wanted to share some green. 

Specifically, I wanted to share some ways that I save some green in my life.


Here are some of my favorite money saving websites:

  1. Ebates: Probably my favorite of them all. Basically, if you are going to buy anything online, go through them. You will get back a percentage of what you paid. Not only that, but you get a $10 gift card just for signing up. Often times the percent that you get back goes up at certain points of the year. Black Friday is AMAZING on ebates.
  2. Ibotta: This is actually an app, not a website. Still, it is pretty awesome! Just choose the products you are going to buy, complete the tasks, take a picture and get money back! Last year, I got $65 back on things I was going to purchase at the grocery anyway!
  3. Checkout 51:  Similar to Ibotta, in that you can get cash back for getting groceries. They have new deals every Thursday.
  4. Savingstar:This one is similar to Ibotta, but you don’t have to do any tasks. Just sign up for offers (they also have coupons), and then collect your cash! Yay! Also, every Friday, they have a totally free product that you can redeem at one of their locations (such as Kroger or CVS).
  5. Recyclebank: This website is how I got gift cards for free at Christmas. I was so excited to give my husband a Home Depot gift card without spending a dime! All you do is complete the activities and earn points. Use the points to cash in for coupons, gift cards and more.
  6. My Coke Rewards: Similar to Recyclebank in that you get free stuff from the points you earn, the difference is all you have to do to earn points is drink Coke. Unfortunately, I don’t drink that much soda, but if I did, this would be a favorite of mine!  

Do you have any favorite money saving websites? I would love to add to my list!

FYI: Recyclebank, Ibotta and Ebates are both referral links, meaning, if you sign up, I get a little something too!  Even if you didn’t use my referral links, I still highly recommend each of these! photo Signature-2_zps22e7055a.jpg

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