Celebrating Palm Sunday with Toddlers

Today, we made our very own Palm Branches.
The original plan was to take a walk as a family and collect branches. Then, we would display them in the house. 
However, the thunderstorms and tornado watch in the area all day, prevented us from completing our plans. 
On to Plan B.
Which I like better anyway. 
We collected some sticks in the yard. 
Then, we traced our hands on green construction paper. 
After cutting out the paper hands, we wrote on them.
Every hand had a name of Jesus. 

Then we put the hands on the sticks we collected and put them on a vase for us to see and remember during the week. 
Even the little man got a paper hand. 
His was a little…special. He isn’t the best at holding still, but his good looks take up for it!


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