Keep your fridge clean using placemats

The other day, I saw some fridge mats for sale at the store. They were quite pricey for what they were going to be doing: catching all the yuck that spills in the fridge.
Enter this baby. It’s just your average place mat, under $1.00 at Wal-Mart. 
After giving the fridge a thorough cleaning, I put these babies on the shelves. 

These work perfectly for catching all the spills and other yuckiness that seem to accumulate in the fridge. They are super easy to clean, just take them out and wash them off in the sink. 
I learned that taking a good picture of the inside of a fridge is a BIG challenge.
That is MUCH easier than taking out an entire fridge shelf. Especially in my kitchen, where my over sized fridge doesn’t really fit. I can’t even open the fridge door all the way, due to it running into the oven.  

What tips or tricks do you use in the kitchen to keep things clean?

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