Mama’s Time Out – Dream

I am a journal loving gal. I have journaled ever since I was a wee las. Back then, I journaled about my latest crush and exciting happenings in my ten year existence. Now, my journaling is a little more thoughtful and (mostly) more mature. Oh I still journal about my crush from time to time, but now it is always the same guy.

Lately, life has been a little too busy for my journaling. I want to do better about journaling because, I need some down time, journaling is great for de-stressing and calming my heart, and probably a billion other great reasons.

I want to start a weekly journal prompt. I would love for you to join me in my journaling challenge. You can journal about it on the blog, in your notebook, whatever works for you.

This week’s journal topic:


If you need a few questions to get you started, here are some:
What are some dreams you have for your life?
What are some dreams you had, but have slowly become unimportant to you?
Do you believe you can achieve your dreams?
What holds you back from your dreams, or pursuing your dreams?

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