Our toddler does the laundry

Your toddler can help you around the house.


It’s true!

Excuse the sagging pants. Laundry is hard work.

They can do more than just make the mess, they can clean and even help you with the chores.

Gracie LOVES helping me with the laundry. 

One of her jobs is to take the dry clothes out of the dryer and push them to the couch. There she will put the clothes on the couch for me to fold. 

She is so helpful, and really enjoys doing her job. 

Do you let your little ones help around the house? What do they do?

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  1. Marie says:

    this is awesome! we started our kids early with house hold chores. they need to know the house doesn’t clean its self. i remember my daughter sitting on top of the dryer and getting the close out of the washer, tossing them into the dryer at age 4. she is 19 and my son is 23 and both have been able to cook and take care of themselves for a while now. you go girl!!



  2. Angie says:

    My 3 year old so helps with the laundry. He puts the wet clothes in the dryer for me and the dirty clothes in the washer. He also adds the detergent and pushes the start button (with my help of course). My one year old does dishwasher duty. She doesn’t really do anything but close the door once the dishwasher is loaded but she thinks it’s very cool!

  3. Jessica Wyatt says:

    This is great! So many people think parents are overdoing it by making toddlers do chores, but I think it’s awesome to start them early (obviously not cleaning bathrooms or anything, but you know what I mean). My son (just turned two last week) always tries to mimic what I’m doing…whether its sweeping or scrubbing something down. He loves to “help.”

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