Staples is more than an office supply store

First off, you need to know that this is absolutely NOT a sponsored post. I would tell you right now if it was. This is a post about something that happened today that blew me away. 

First off, this week has been pretty special. Oh, nothing too dramatic, just little things that I feel like are blessings straight from God. A good phone call with my sister, a delightful dinner with my mother-in-law, communication with one of my favorite authors (more on that in a few weeks), and then…this:

I was just hanging out on Twitter (are we friends yet? If not, let’s become friends!), and started chatting with my friend @Staples. 

They found out that I have a love for pens, and that I was a teacher. 

The next thing I know, this shows up on my porch. 

Maybe it’s just the little girl in me, but anytime a box shows up like this, I get excited. 

When I opened it, this is what greeted me. 

Here’s the thing, guys, I am so giddy about this treasure that I bout peed myself. Then, I started thinking…that’s a LOT of fun stuff. I would love to keep it, but somehow it just doesn’t seem right. Therefore, I am going to give one of YOU some of these goodies!

Use the Rafflecopter below to be entered. I really would love to give every single one of you a goodie bag like this one, cause it made my week. However, I DO want to keep some of it! 

This week, I learned that Staples is more than an office supply store…it is a friend that I want to invite to all my pen parties!

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