Using Easter Eggs to teach kids about serving

Here is a simple way to teach your family to do acts of service, using those colorful plastic eggs. 

I have been so impressed lately by how Gracie serves her little brother. I am inclined to think that it is only a stage, and when he gets older she will be SO over it. However, I am wanting to reward the behavior in hopes that it will continue. 

As our third day of advent into Easter, we spent time this morning reading about how Christ came not to be served, but to serve. We talked about how that is an example for how we are to live in our family and the world. 

 Every time someone catches another family member serving, they write what was done on a slip of paper. That paper goes into one of these plastic eggs. As soon as the vase is filled with plastic eggs, we can make an Easter treat. 

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Throughout the day you can talk about the different ways that Jesus served those around Him. For example; the story of Him feeding 500, how He washed the disciple’s feet, even when he healed the soldier’s ear after Peter cut if off. 

Why yes, those ARE my husband’s glasses on the mantle…

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