Mama’s Time Out – Love

A bath full of oversize bubbles. A glass full of red wine. Soft jazz music playing. The flicker of candlelight playing off the walls. That is my kind of relaxation.

That also doens’t happen very often. First of all, it is hot in Texas, so taking a hot bath just doesn’t sound super appealing. Of course, taking a cold bath sounds even worse. Then of course, there is the fact that usually by the time I run the water and light the candles, someone needs me. Or wants to join me…with their rubber duckies.


So, I’ve developed a different kind of relaxation for myself. It is something I can do with both the kids around. One can even be at the table with me.

First, I grab my journal. Then a favorite drink; in the summer, it’s iced tea. In the winter it is something hot. I put on some music (see, there are some similarities with the bath time!) and just journal away. Sometimes, it takes me five minutes. Other times, I am writing for an hour.


If you feel like this, then maybe you need to give yourself a time out!

If you need a time out for yourself today, why don’t you try some journaling? Here are some fun prompts to get you going today:

You could just journal about love and see where the word takes you. Or if you need a little help, here are some prompts for you:


What is love?

When do you feel the most loved?

How do you show love?

How does your family receive love?

In what ways could you be more loving?

Is love the most important thing in a relationship?

Love is…

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