Organize gift bags and tissue paper

I enjoy organizing. When I plan my day, it gives me a thrill to know that organizing is on my to do list that day. 

However, I don’t always have time to organize the way I want to. 

What a pleasant surprise when my kiddos let me have some time to organize this chest of gift bags and tissue paper. I got the chest at a garage sale for about eight dollars. SCORE!
One of the simplest things to save money on, for our family, is gift bags. Anytime someone gives us a gift in a gift bag, I save it. I know I am not the only person to do this, are there any other bag savers out there? 
I also save all the tissue paper. 

You can imagine what a mess that can become if there isn’t a way to organize. 

I put all the gift bags on one side with the tissue paper (color coded) on the other. Then I put bow and ribbons in the middle. The big green bow doesn’t look super organized, but I didn’t want to smoosh it too much and  make it loose its shape.

Do you save gift bags? What do you do to organize them?

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