Organize my junk drawer

A while back, I was in the kitchen cooking with Gracie when I spilled a whole bunch of white flour on the floor. “Oh no, Mommy made a mess.” I said. Gracie seemed to think that word was so cool, because for the next few weeks she kept pointing to things, saying, “Mess! Mess!”

What is about a junk drawer that just seems to scream “MESS?” 

I forgot to take a before picture of my junk drawer, but here is all the stuff on the counter. 

You see, it isn’t only my husband and I that use that drawer, but it is also my little toddler. She likes to get in there and play with anything she can get her hands on. She especially likes the earplugs.


I used a variety of things to organize my junk drawer and make it more manageable. I had a few baskets from the dollar store that I put my pens and pencils in. I also made some of my own containers out of old cereal boxes. 

I am so glad to have some organization. At least for now. I am sure I will have to reorganize this again next week…

What is an area of your house that needs CONSTANT reorganization?

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  1. Wen Budro says:

    Loved the post and the before and after pictures. I love organization but often have trouble getting a handle on it. My bathroom drawers and cabinets are the worst because of the odd sizes and shapes of the stuff.

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