Pom Poms Play – Busy Activites for toddlers

Pom Poms have become my new best friend.


Okay maybe not. This guy has that title forever.

Still, these pom poms are high up on the list of favorite things.


I am constantly amazed at how long these little buggers keep my toddler busy.


I found an idea on Pinterest (check out my busy bag board), for a busy bag with pom poms, tongs, and ice cube trays. I tried it, and it just didn’t work for Gracie. The tongs were too hard for her to grasp and play with.


However, the pom poms totally worked! They kept her busy for about an hour. She sorted them into piles, put them in her bowl, carried them around, put them on a table and organized them. Took them off the table and put them into another container. That little girl was BUSY with these things.   pompomplay1

And I love thinking about all the connections her brain was making while playing.

If you want a GREAT deal on pom poms, here is a half pound of pom poms from Amazon. Judging by how many we seem to lose (I have NO idea where they go!), this is just about the perfect number!


Meanwhile, this guy was happy as a clam, rolling around on the floor beside her!


 Do you have a secret activity or trick to keep your little ones busy during the day?


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  1. Paula Parker says:

    Looks like something I would have enjoyed as a kid, but I would probably of ate a few!!!

    • Beauty for ashes says:

      Oh man, that was a problem early on. She just wanted to suck on them, but we have since broken that desire!

  2. Kung Phoo says:

    Looks like a great project… my wife would have done this when the kids were younger..

  3. Jennifer Sattley says:

    What a fantastic idea! So often kids favorite toys are just what’s around the house but just need a little creativity to bring them to life like you have done here.

  4. Emma Craig says:

    I love when the simplest things are so amusing to the little ones! And great for fine motor skills too!

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