7 month old baby boy

My Little Man,

My heart just squeezed a little inside my chest because I thought, there will come a time when I can’t call you my ‘little’ man anymore. You are growing so big and strong. Your daddy and I have even nicknamed you, The Hulk. We have learned that if you want something, we better keep it hidden or you WILL get to it and you will use those strong baby muscles to hold on to it.

Your laugh is contagious. You love to laugh at life, whether it be your sister, tickles or mommy and daddy making faces at you.7monthold

You really don’t like it when we leave you alone to go to sleep. You want to play and party with us as long as you can. However, you are happy watching your sister. You think she is the most fascinating thing in the world. She seems to like you a whole bunch too. Would you believe, there have been multiple times she has even given you her Duckie to calm you down? That’s true love!

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This month, you started eating ‘solids’, they aren’t really solids, I’m not even sure why we call them solids. You are eating mush. Rice mush. Oatmeal mush. Vegetable mush. You haven’t eaten many fruits yet, maybe next month.


I know this month will bring a lot of changes. Not only are you getting bigger and smarter, but you will probably start sitting up on your own. You may even start crawling this month. I am okay to have you stay in one place, but I think you will enjoy crawling around with your sis. So go on, sweet baby boy, grow away. I know that you are just doing what God has made you to do. I pray that I will be the best mama I can be for you, for this time that the Lord has given me.

Thank you for being my son,


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