Beach Theme Summer Mantle

It would be weird to find someone who likes summer, but doesn’t like the beach. It could happen, but it would be weird. It would be even weirder to find someone who likes the beach, but not summer. Again, stranger things have happened, but…weird.


I enjoy summer. I enjoy the beach.


That is what made my summer mantle so much fun. It combines both in a way that leaves me staring at my fireplace for hours at a time. Well, if I had hours to myself at a time then maybe that would be true. As it is, I glace at it while on my way to change a diaper or turn the light on for my potty trained toddler.


This is REAL sand from the Mukilteo Beach. It is so fun to visit different beaches and not only collect pictures from the beach, but also collect sand. I store the sand in pretty containers so we can remember our different beach trips.


Is your mantle decorated for summer?


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