The Dallas Zoo

Lions and tigers and bears…oh MY! Well, we didn’t actually see any bears or lions. Hmm.

Lions and Gorillas and Giraffes…oh MY!


Last week, we took a family trip to the Dallas Zoo. It was lovely to cross that off my bucket list for the summer.

dallaszoo (2)

That is a cheetah chewing on a chew toy in the background.

It was fun to be with the family and make some memories, but I was a little disappointed. Gracie really wasn’t that impressed. I thought she would be so excited about the animals, and run from exhibit to exhibit.

dallaszoo (3)

In reality, she spent the majority of the time in the stroller. When we went to an exhibit and pointed out the animals, she really wasn’t that excited at all. One exception is the giraffes. That was because one of the giraffes decided to come and say hello to us.

dallaszoo (4)

She also was fascinated by the gorilla, but we didn’t stay super long there because a huge school crowd of kids came through and took over. Besides, Mr. Gorilla was being a little…obscene. haha!

dallaszoo (1)

My favorite picture is on Instagram, it is apicture of the kids sharing a stroller. You could call it the redneck double stroller, the kids both got tired at the same time and Benjamin and I were too hot for the Moby wrap anymore. So, they shared the ride!


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