Garden Update

My mom is an avid gardener, her garden in Seattle is amazing. Truly.

seattletrip 005

This is just one of the many delights of my mom’s garden

When I was a little girl, my mom would stop at garden centers and plant nurserys and I would be BORED out of my mind!

My mom teased me that one day I would love to garden as much as she did.

Lo and behold. Mom was right.


Bell peppers: I grew them from the seeds inside a store bought pepper!

I do love gardening. However, the gardening I love is different from her. She is all about the pretty plants; the colorful flowers, trees and bushes. I am all about the food. I love growing my own fruits and veggies.



Here is my start of the garden for the year.


Gracie loves helping in the garden and often times, I will look over and see her eating the leaves of the kale. Since that is the only way she will ever eat them, I just let her pick as much as she wants.


Basil is one of my favorites to grow. It is SO easy and it makes some of my favorite dishes. Later this summer, I will post a recipe for my homemade pesto…YUM!


carrot tops for my smoothies!

What are you growing in your garden this year?


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