The Shooting at SPU hits so close to home

I’m taking a break from my weekly study on Ephesians to share some thoughts about something that happened last week.


For those of your who didn’t know, a man entered Seattle Pacific University last Thursday, and opened fire. He killed one person and left others injured.


Who would have thought, when this picture was taken, that years later a shooting would occur just down the street from my dorm?

It’s weird. You hear of these stories, but they are somewhere else. Somewhere far off from you. This one though, this one hit home. This is where I went to college. It isn’t some random university on the other side of the country, it is MY university. These aren’t random locations that I’ve never heard of. This is the dorm I lived in for two years. The streets I walked with my friends. The classrooms I studied in.

My heart breaks for those affected. However, I have been so blessed and encouraged at how the community has responded. They have taken a horrible event and made it something that has pushed them in their faith.

In moments like these, we have the choice to make; draw closer to the Savior because we know He loves us and has a plan, even in the midst of this horrible sin. Or, the second choice is to get angry at a God who would “allow” that to happen and fall away from the faith.

I am so glad to see my sisters and brothers in the faith praising God in the midst of this horrible crime.

It makes me wonder, could I do the same? Could I praise God in the midst of the storm?


These college kids should have been celebrating the last week of school, not grieving a tragic event.


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  1. Lisa notes... says:

    I hate hearing about these kind of things too. It happened a few years ago at the university I graduated from in Alabama. A teacher who was being let go, opened fire at other faculty in a meeting on campus. Two were killed, two injured, and many more traumatized. So sad. Praying for those at your alma mater this season.

    • Beauty for ashes says:

      Oh my goodness, I think this kind of thing happens a lot more than we realize. The issue isn’t necessarily gun control…it’s self control. Or lack thereof.

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