Patriotic Decorations and Ideas

Today, we had Gracie’s birthday party. It was a few days early, since her grandparents are leaving to go back home before her real birthday.

Since she was born on July 4th, we celebrated her by having a variety of patriotic treats.

patriotic parfaits1

These were so easy, tasty and they looked great. I put a few blueberries in the bottom of the glass, added the Greek yogurt, strawberries and granola – in that order. Finally, I put honey on the side for those who like their parfaits a little sweeter.

patriotic parfaits

I also decorated the table with licorice, red and blue M&Ms, and pretzels covered with Greek yogurt. Can you tell Greek yogurt is a favorite for our little one? It’s kinda a thing.


At the last moment, I got this idea to get the family together to make an art project to give Gracie later on.

fireworkhandprint (1)

I started with a blank canvas and paint. (Isn’t that how some of the best projects start?)

fireworkhandprint (2)

I wanted to create something that we could use as decoration for the 4th of July, but also something that would have fun memories of our guests. Especially, since we had four generations together.

patriotic poster (3)

Since she is the birthday girl, Gracie got to add her hand print as the center of our fireworks.

patriotic poster (4)

Then, everyone took turns adding their fingerprint as part of the firecracker.

patriotic poster (2)

Even Benjamin got in on the fun.

patriotic poster (1)

The final product was a fun and festive print that we will all be able to enjoy for years down the road.

patriotic poster (5)

Special thank you to the thumbs that made this project possible; Grandpa, Grandma, Mimi, Pappy, Amaw, Daddy, Mommy and Benjamin. And a special thank you to the birthday girl, Gracie for the lovely hand print.


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