Rainbow Writing for Toddlers

I am constantly looking for great ideas to use with my little girl. She is two years old now and always needing stimulation. (Join my Pinterest board on teaching toddlers if you want to join me in my search for great ideas!)

rainbow writing tray

I found this idea from Where the Imagination Grows and I adapted it for my little one.

Rainbow writing for toddlers

First off, I don’t have a lightbox, and I’m not even sure what that is. Second, I realize that I can buy flour for much cheaper than salt. Therefore, my frugal side won out and I used flour.

Rainbow writing for toddlers1

I took a box lid that I had and covered it with different colors of construction paper.

Then I added the flour.

Rainbow writing for toddlers2

Gracie loved playing in the flour, it was messy and you know how toddlers love messy!

Rainbow writing for toddlers3

I helped put shapes and letters in the flour, and she just took it from there.

Rainbow writing for toddlers5

Warning: this is a messy activity, so be prepared!

What was the latest Pinterest idea you found that actually worked?

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    • Beauty for ashes says:

      Melissa, I think the lamination well definitely help the mess factor. We ended up having to throw ours away after it was well used, since it was just paper.

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