5 more ways to Stay Sane as a Stay at Home Mama

A few weeks ago, I posted five ideas to stay sane as a Stay at Home Mama.

Well, in case you are still feeling a little insane, here are a few more.

5 more ways stay sane as a stay at home mom

6. Good nutrition – I have been guilty of it a time or two each day, every so often. You had a rough go of it, the toddler peed on the carpet. The baby spit up and the dog is licking it off his face. You can’t find the pacifier and the screaming baby is letting you know. Finally, they go down for a nap when something else starts calling your name. That gallon of rocky road ice cream was such a good deal at the store, you just had to buy it. Now, its voice is luring you in to the kitchen like a siren. STOP and think! Do you truly need to give yourself chocolate to feel better? What your body truly needs is good nutrition. The more junk you have, the worse off you will feel! Take care of yourself by giving your body the right fuel it needs to perform at full capacity.

Stay at home mom

7. Do errands at a good time of day, for you and the kids – I cannot stress how important this is. Taking your kid to the grocery before naptime vs. after naptime can be the difference between a complete meltdown in aisle 9 vs. happy, compliant children who carry your grocery bags for you. Night and day! Figure out the best time of day for your little ones and use it to your advantage. For us, that time of day is in the morning or directly AFTER naps.


8. Let go – You do not always have to be the one in charge of the kids. Mamas, it’s time to let go control, so you can regain some sanity. Your husband might not change the  baby’s diaper as quickly as you would. He may let your toddler run around outside barefoot. That’s okay, they will live. Let him help. Ask your mother in law for help. Swap babysitting with a friend. Do what you need to do to be the best mama for your little ones.

9. Have regular bedtimes – Like number seven above, it is really important for your little ones to have regular bedtimes. Studies have shown time and time again that kids who go to sleep regularly at the same time do better in the long run than those who don’t. This is the internet, people, it doesn’t lie! Get those kids to bed!

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10. Pray – Here’s the thing, I know that not everyone who reads my blog will agree with this and that’s fine. However, I have to tell you my story. A few weeks ago, I was not doing well as a mama. I was being harsh with my kids, my patience was nonexistent, and I was overall ready to just crawl in my room, lock the door and stay there for a week. Finally, I realized that I was trying to do this mommy thing on my own. That’s when I got on my knees and asked for help. God knows what I need, He is the greatest Father there is. He can and will equip me to be the best mama I can be. After letting go and submitting to Him, my patience has been incredible (no, really, see this post!). My love for my kids has become even more evident. I can’t do this mommy thing without God and His Spirit helping me be the best woman I can be.

In case you missed it:

stay sane as a stay at home mom

What are some ways that you stay sane?


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  1. Susan says:

    Excellent list. It’s like the oxygen mask on the airplane. You can’t take care of others unless you take care of you first.

  2. Melissa D says:

    Chocolate in the closet. 🙂
    We taught our girls early on this important saying:
    “Our job is to keep you safe. Your job is to listen and obey.” We love having fun together, but mutual respect is SO important. And so many things that we TELL our children are safety-related; it’s crucial they listen!

    • Beauty for ashes says:

      Melissa, I love that saying, can I adopt it to my family? Sometimes, I wonder if we are the same person! J You are right, safety is so essential!

  3. Dede says:

    I’m a teacher, so only get to be a SAHM in the summers. But I’ve realized that it’s enough time for me to realize that staying home is HARD work!! Prayer is definitely needed. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Beauty for ashes says:

      Dede, thank you for sharing. Also, thanks for what you do as a teacher, that, to me, was so much harder than being a mama. Sure I miss my classroom, but as a mama, you have a never ending classroom. Haha!

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