Thank you card from a toddler

Thank you notes from kids are hard. A thank you card from a toddler? Impossible! First, you have to get your kid to actually do them. If you pass that challenge, they have no idea what to say. Then, you want to make it seem personal without being tacky.

These notes solved all those dilemmas for me.

thank you card from toddler personalized

They are cute.

They are easy.

They are personalized so the grandparents (and whoever) love them.

All you need to do is trace their little hands.

Write on the front:

thank you card from toddler1


Then personalize the inside by saying what they got and what it meant to the child. Or if your kids are old enough, they could do this part.

thank you card from toddler3

That’s it!

thank you card from toddler2

Do your kids send thank you cards? How do you get them to do it?


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  1. Theresa AMomInTheMaking says:

    Oh I love it!!! That is a really simple idea too… I am the worst at sending thank you cards… I have the best intentions, but they never seem to happen. Even if I finally do fill them out, they will sit next to the door with out address or stamps or something silly and never make it.

    Your idea is really fun 🙂 I’ll have to try it.

    Lately we’ve been sending pics to the grandparents. I order pics from groovebook so it’s 100 new 4×6 prints every month for only $3.. then I put them in envelopes that I have already addressed with stamps… it seems we are getting in a groove 🙂

    • Beauty for ashes says:

      I love the picture idea, it’s better than Instagram even! 🙂
      I totally hear you about the good intentions. Two of the cards she made have been sent, the other one is sitting on our counter. Whoops!

  2. Tove M Stakkestad says:

    OMG – this is such an adorable idea. I normally just write the card and have them scribble all over it – but this at least makes sense! I am SO going to do this going forward.

    • Beauty for ashes says:

      Tove, I am so glad you could use this idea! I loved how it let my little one be more involved than just scribbles!

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