How to use an editorial calendar

Yesterday I convinced you that you need an editorial calendar.

Today, I want to help you figure out HOW to use an editorial calendar.

Editorial Calendar How do I use it

1. Write down everything. I mean it, write it all down. Who you need to email back, what is hot in bloggy world, ideas for a smashing post, etc.

2. Keep track of social media shares. Use your calendar to keep track of when you posted to Facebook. Make sure you aren’t over pinning on Pinterest. Plan your social media strategy well. blogplanner2

3. Add your affiliate links. When you plan out your posts, make sure you include any affiliate and trackback links, so you don’t forget them in your post.

4. Write in pencil. Confession: I don’t follow my calendar. My calendar is great for keeping ideas and coming up with new ones, but I don’t follow it completely. I had a totally different post planned for today, but then I fell in love with the idea of this series and moved that other post to next week. Stay flexible with your calendar.

5. Look for what works. Use your calendar to keep track of what is working for your blog. Are your posts on parenting flopping but your DIY posts viral? Then work on adding more of what your readers like.

How has using an editorial calendar help you become a better writer/blogger?





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  1. susan says:

    No matter what your job is, there is evidence that writing out your goals, projects and tasks relieves stress. Some people (as in: NOT ME) are able to keep all this in their head, but it increases stress levels.

  2. Chirleen says:

    I just received my new HEDUA blog planner the end of last week and I LOVE it. It is an amazing tool. I have found that I’m much more relaxed about my plans with the blog than before. I had all of these ideas (some good, mostly bad!) written all over sticky-notes stashed in my purse and scattered about on my desk. That’s craziness. A planner just makes sense. Great post!

    • Beauty for ashes says:

      Chirleen, I didn’t know you used a HEDUA planner as well! It is so awesome, it has helped me a ton!

      • Chirleen says:

        I just started using it. I even got the beautiful, giant wall calendar. I love the patterns. But I really love how user friendly the planner is. And it fits perfectly in my purse.

    • Beauty for ashes says:

      I’m rooting for you to get a new one! If you do, please consider using my affiliate link, that would be oh so delightful!

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