20 Things to Know Before Having a Toddler in the House

We are headed to family vacation next week.

My husband, toddler, infant and me are all headed to my parent’s house.

20 things to know about having a toddler in your house

It has been a while since they lived with a toddler, since it the last time was when I was one.

Therefore, I created this list 20 things to know before having a toddler in the house.

20 things to know about having a toddler in your house

1. Milk will be spilled.

2. We are potty training, accidents happen. Most of the time, they occur at the worst moments possible.

3. Don’t count on nap time. It’s never a sure thing.

20 things to know about having a toddler in your house

4. If they miss nap time, there will be a greater amount of fussing during the day.

5. Expect a daily dose of tears and tantrums.

6. Expect that number to increase exponentially if they are hungry, tired, or you have something they want.

7. You will see a nudey booty.

8. Bedtime brings out the wild side, expect running and screaming in delight, possibly naked. See #7

20 things to know about having a toddler in your house

9. Bath time is a full room event. There will be water on the walls, floors, counters and you. You won’t need to shower after, since you will have received one during that time.

10. They pick up more than you think. If you swear, so will they. If you pick your nose, they will do the same. They will probably try to pick YOUR nose to see what’s so interesting.

11. Toddlers have no filter. Luckily, other people have a hard time understanding them. When your toddler is pointing out the crazy hair that a store cashier has; you might know they are making fun of it, but no one else does. Usually.

12. If something looks really gross, chances are…it will end up in their mouth. Or spread all over the house.

20 things to know about having a toddler in your house

13. Hold their hand in public. It’s much easier than chasing them down the street. Who knew little legs could move so fast.

14. They are smarter than you give them credit for. If you told them to finish eating and then leave the room. When you return, it appears they did, but the dog licking his lips is a sure giveaway that it didn’t happen.

15. Toddlers like to kiss you, with tongue. If you ask for a kiss on the cheek, be prepared for a VERY wet cheek when they are done.

20 things to know about having a toddler in your house

16. If you ask for a kiss, you probably won’t get it. Act like you don’t want one and you have a higher chance.

17. They are adorable when sleeping.

18. They like to talk to themselves, if you listen in, you will learn about how their brain works. “Don’t go poopy in the diaper, Ducky” helps you realize that she DOES understand not to, even though she persists in doing so.


19. They love to sing. They only know a few words but they will belt it out with more pride and gusto than any pop star.

20. Their “I love you” makes you forget about all the messes, spills, tantrums, etc.


If you have experience with a toddler, what would you add to this list? I need any extra ideas so my parents are ready for this whirlwind coming their way…

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  1. Georgia Reed says:

    Aren’t they wonderful? Such blessings for sure! I love the act like you don’t want a kiss. I’m trying to convince my 3 year old that if she ignores her little sister then her sister is sure to follow her and want to hug her. Kids are funny!

    • Beauty for ashes says:

      Georgia, agreed! Sometimes, I really want to snuggle, but my little one doesn’t want any part of it. Then I act like I don’t want to and she is ALL over me! Human nature at it’s finest!

  2. Tove Stakkestad says:

    So true – all of them – especially about the kisses!!! It’s a good thing to remind people of when you come and stay with them!

    • Beauty for ashes says:

      Oh my goodness, so true. There are just a few things that people who don’t have kids need to know!

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