Dimples and Dandelions

When I was single, I used to hang out at coffee shops. I would go and write in my journal, read a book, or just people watch.

I used to visit this quaint coffee shop with a children’s clothing boutique right next door.

dimples and dandelions1

I remember thinking what an adorable place that would be to take a kid to, and then walking into the coffee shop while realizing that I was single and should stop thinking about having children.

Fast forward five years.

dimples and dandelions

I was able to visit that same little boutique, Dimples and Dandelions, but this time, I had my own little one!

(Isn’t God’s plan amazing?)

dimples and dandelions6

As soon as I entered, I was met by the most adorable outfits. There were little dresses for girls and handsome digs for little guys. It was a mama’s clothing paradise!

dimples and dandelions8

One of my favorite things about Dimples and Dandelions is the children’s area. It is a little hideaway where kids can be entertained while mom (or dad) can browse the store freely.

dimples and dandelions5

Why doesn’t Wal-Mart have one of those?

Gracie took her time taking out all the toys and spreading them around the store while I shopped.

 dimples and dandelions4

Have you ever shopped at a place where you could have easily just bought the entire store?

This was one of those places for me.

dimples and dandelions3

I could just picture my little ones in each outfit and that instantly made me want to buy it!

boy and lovey

Little man has needed a lovey.

 boy and lovey1

He has been using his sister’s old one and I figured I should probably trade it out before he realizes he is cuddling with a pink teddy bear blanket.

 chevron shirt chevron shirt1

I had to get this shirt for Gracie because, really, I just wanted one in my size. If anyone knows of a place to get this shirt in my size, let me know ASAP!

 chevron shirt2

I am so glad I had the chance to write a review for Dimples and Dandelions. They gave me store credit in exchange for my honest review. The cute kids and opinions are all my own. See my disclosure policy here.

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  1. susan says:

    Defend me from that store!! Every photo has something I want to buy. Perhaps the precious kids contribute to that!

    • Beauty for ashes says:

      If you would like to purchase a bunch of outfits for those cute kids, you are more than welcome to. I won’t stop you! Haha!

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