Lina.J Bag Review and Giveaway

I love being organized. Planners and notebooks, baskets and bins are all favorites of mine because they help me stay organized.

I can’t imagine that I am the only mama on the planet that STRUGGLES with keeping the diaper bag organized. I organize that thing and before I even arrive somewhere, I take a peek in the diaper bag and it looks like something blew up in there.

Lina.J Bag Review and Giveaway

Then, I learned about the Lina.J Bag. Oh my goodness. This bag is the beautiful marriage of a fashionable purse and a functional diaper bag. I am so grateful that they sent me one to review.

Lina.J Bag Review and Giveaway

Inside you can fit all your essentials and keep them organized so you can grab something in a pinch.

Lina.J Bag Review and Giveaway

This bag can be carried a variety of ways. You can hold it in your hands.

Lina.J Bag Review and Giveaway

Put it over your shoulder (you can also fit this nicely on a stroller this way)

Lina.J Bag Review and Giveaway

And the best way, what purse/diaper bag do you know that can do this?

Lina.J Bag Review and Giveaway

Yep, I just made it a backpack purse!

It comes in three different colors AND styles to choose from.

Lina.J Bag Review and Giveaway

Get this, if you want to order one for yourself (or a friend), readers of Tales of Beauty for Ashes can buy one for 20% off using the promo code: talesofbeauty20

Or you could take your chances and enter this giveaway. Good luck!
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Disclosure #1: Um. As a side note, can I just say that I really don’t like putting pictures of myself on the blog. However, I thought that pictures of Greg holding this would kind of discourage you from the bag. It’s too big for Gracie and I’m afraid the only thing Benjamin can do with this bag is sit inside it. So…you get me. Stay tuned this week for more cute kid pictures!


Disclosure #2: Lina.J sent me one of their bags to review AND I get to give one away to you. All opinions, however are totally my own. Check out my disclosure policy.

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  1. Melissa D says:

    I agree with DeAnna! I need ONE bag that I can use for everything we do. Right now, I have separate bags for my camera, church, homeschool groups, etc.

    • Beauty for ashes says:

      Melissa, I am with you! I needed to consolidate all my bags. This has been such a lifesaver, especially at the airport!

  2. Alison Gibb says:

    My favorite bag is the Lina.j Bag in Purple! I am not copying you it just happens to be my favorite! Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  3. Senny says:

    I love the Lina J bag in purple but I think I would pick green because it would match more of what I own! These are so pretty!

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