Toddler Oatmeal and Pom Pom Activity

It was one of THOSE mornings. You know the type when everything just seems to be going wrong. And it really isn’t that bad, it’s just your attitude about it?

Yeah, one of those.

Oatmeal toddler activity

So on top of everything else, I spilled the oatmeal.

Spilling the oatmeal is drastically worse than spilling milk. You might say, “Don’t cry over spilled milk”, but it is perfectly acceptable to cry over spilled oats.

Oatmeal toddler activity1

Steel cut oats are delicious. They are also very painful to step on. So, when I spilled them all over the floor. It was a travesty.

Oatmeal toddler activity2

One mans’ travesty is anther’s blessing. I took those oats (mixed up with dirt and all sizes of dog hair) and put them in a bowl for my little bit to play with. Add a few pom poms and I had an activity that kept her busy for an hour.

Oatmeal toddler activity

Don’t you love the peril that is going on in the background…what’s going to happen???

When it was time to clean up, she got to practice sweeping (which she loved), and I finished up.

Oatmeal toddler activity4

HINT: Do this activity when you are already going to be sweeping that day. It makes your life much easier when you aren’t hyper focused on the mess they are making. And they WILL make a mess!     Oatmeal toddler activity5

Have you ever had an opportunity to make an activity out of a huge mess?

Oatmeal toddler activity6

If you have extra Pom Poms lying around, check out this post:


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