Cadorah maxi skirt review and giveaway

If I had my choice, I would always walk around the house in yoga pants. Unfortunately, that is frowned upon. Especially in a place like Dallas, Texas.

maxi review

Enter maxi skirts into the picture. They are comfortable, stretchy, and fashionable.

I really wanted to make my own, but then I found Cadorah‘s maxi skirt and realized I will never make something as amazing as this maxi skirt.  IMG_4717 Have you ever had a piece of clothing that you just wanted to live in? Well, this would be my choice.

We even took the kids to the park and I ran around with them, playing and sliding and swinging.

This shirt has become my new favorite!


Not only did I get to review Cadorah‘s awesome shop, but today, I get to give you $25 credit to get something for yourself.


Check out what she has to offer here and here. Enter below using the rafflecopter! Good luck!
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Thank you Cadorah for sending me this beautiful skirt to review and for giving me a chance to give a lucky reader credit to your awesome store!

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