Kids Mopping Game

Mamas, I think I have stumbled on greatness. I’m talking about the stuff of true genius here.

Toddler Mopping Game

If you have been following along for a while, you know I have been a little under the weather. Getting anything done has been a chore. You can imagine how getting chores done has been a…well, it’s been hard.


As I was sitting around one day pondering the complexities of life, a stroke of genius hit me. What if, I could figure out a way for my toddler to clean the house and ENJOY doing it?


Wouldn’t that be something?

Well, something happened.


Gracie LOVES playing in a bucket of water. She could stay busy for a good hour just playing in water. Add some bubbles and you got yourself a toddler party!


It just so happened I had finished sweeping and decided it was a good time for her to play with her bucket in the kitchen.


(Here comes the genius part) I decided to try an educational game with her, but transformed it into an educational, cleaning game. I wrote letters on different tiles of the kitchen, using a whiteboard marker. Then I would call out the letter and she would run over and ‘erase’ the letter with her soapy sponge, I call it our mopping game.


Happy Toddler + Educational Activity + Clean kitchen floor = AMAZINGNESSS!


You could also use this activity on windows to get the kids to clean.

I wouldn’t recommend it on the wall. Not so sure the dry erase marker would do the trick there!


P.S. You could also do this with shapes, numbers or anything else you are working on!

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