Bible study mornings…the stuff of nightmares

Why does it seem that on Bible Study days, the kids end up in a big fiasco? I can’t be the only mom that has this happen.

There was this one.

Then, there was this .

Today, there was Benjamin the Bomber.

I got up early so I could have some quiet time. And then, I realized that my husband and I had actually been the only ones in the house sleeping. Gracie was singing in her room, Benjamin was fussin off and on, even Maggie was walking to and fro aimlessly.

I set my Bible on my table and thought to myself, “I’ll be back to read you.” (Yeah, right)

I was hoping to soothe the little ones and get them to sleep again, after all, an early rise is never a good thing when you drop them off for a few hours.


Benjamin then informed me by way of horrible stench why he was fussin at me. His diaper was full. His pajamas were full. Heck, even his crib had a little in there.

You know those diaper changes where you just give up and bathe the baby? This was one of those, but somehow it ended up with me having to take a second shower too.

It could have been worse.

Then, Gracie didn’t want to clean her room. She didn’t want to do anything but just sit in her room and stack her toys.

This led to fussing, which led to me needing to take a mommy time out, which led to snuggles, which led to…

Well, we ended up at Bible study. Somehow. They had a great time.


This is our snuggle time after the girlie fell and skinned her knee…after Bible study

Coming home was a different story.

Let’s just say the three hour nap this afternoon was unusual, but so necessary.

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